Welcome Home, Me!

The week of travel went pretty fast.  I managed to get myself lost a few times and paid far more in tolls than I had thought possible.  I was really busy, but managed to make a couple of fun stops along the way.  When leaving Northern Virginia, I asked one of the guys in the office if it was crazy to try to go into DC.  He said that he wouldn’t call it crazy, but he wouldn’t recommend it.  I had only been to DC once before, so I decided to risk it.

So there I was at the White House…it was past six o’clock, so everything interesting was, of course, closed.   I managed to meander down the mall to see the Capitol building:

Finally, I got to see a pretty nice sunset.

The next day, I found myself close to Philadelphia, where I had never been.  I took a couple of pictures to prove that I was there, but as in DC, most of the historic sites that you can tour the inside of close by 5pm, so I was not able to see the inside of anything, but I got a taste of the historic part of the city at least.

Liberty Bell…

Christ Church (where George Washington went to church!)…wait, I feel like I’ve seen that before…

Old North Church in Boston, 2006.  It would seem that Philadelphia is basically Boston with Philly Cheese Steak instead of baked beans.  Although, being a vegetarian, I enjoyed a Philly Cheese Cake** instead.  It was delicious.

**I love horrible, horrible puns.  They make me happy, so I apologize to any future readers in advance.  This will not be the last one you read here.**


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