Feeding Mr. B

So we finally started Mr. B on solids a few weeks ago.  LS had started when she was 5 months, but with the move, we just didn’t get around to it.  He was a bit slow on the uptake, which is pretty normal I guess.

But then it was like he thought he needed to make up for lost time!  Now, Mr. B is not a small child.  He is over 23 lbs. now, wearing 12-18 month clothes.  That’s not ridiculously large, but is a pretty big little dude.  Nonetheless, after barely eating anything the first few times, it was like a switch was turned and he decided that he needs to eat anything we put in front of him on a spoon.  He will effortlessly eat three whole containers of baby food along with rice cereal, and then look at us with this confused look when we stop feeding him.

He just loves to eat though, and he’s just so darn cute.

And he is using all of LS’ old bibs, so many photos of him eating will have him in some kind of pink or purple bib.  Sorry, dude, Daddy likes to save money.

Finally, the carnage:


But by far the oddest thing about feeding Mr. B is not anything he does, but what Girling does.  I don’t remember this from when LS was a baby, but every time Girling gives Mr. B something to eat, she opens and closes her mouth in unison with him.  I think this is very odd, but based on anecdotal evidence provided by at least one other mom, this is quite common.  I’m always tempted to put a spoonful of something in her mouth when she does it, but I don’t think she would think that was very funny.  Unless it was something delicious, like chocolate.  Or maybe pudding?  Chocolate pudding, that would be the way to go.


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