Living on an Island

We are now over a month into our new rural, island lifestyle and I think we’re adjusting pretty well.  It certainly has been an enormous change for us.  We lived in a pretty urban neighborhood in Minneapolis where it was noisy, the houses were close together, there was crime, and all of the other things that go along with urban living.  We loved it.  It really fit our values to be able to walk to the store and have close access to everything.  When Girling stumbled upon Vashon when looking for a rental in Seattle, we initially dismissed it out of hand.  However, after careful consideration, it seemed like just the right thing for us to try.

Vashon Island is an in the Puget Sound of about 10,000 residents.  It is 14 miles long and 4 miles wide.  It is accessible only by boat.  This last part is important; we can’t just leave the island whenever we want, we have to wait for a ferry.

This fact probably contributes to the incredibly laid back nature of the island.  The island is full of really interesting people.  I’d like to think that the island would attract a bunch of outlaws and freaks; people that would really want to live somewhere that only has one sheriff car patrolling it.  But in reality, it’s just a lot of people like us that came here for the schools, for the slow pace of life and the relative proximity to Seattle.

In a lot of ways, it has the benefits of living in a suburb, without all of the bland uniformity and strip malls.  It has a real sense of place, which we really value.

Now my commute to downtown Seattle takes place on the Melissa Ann, a “Water Taxi” that transports up to 150 people across the Sound 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening.  I have to say, I love my commute.  I have seen a log barge** covered in seals, an osprey carrying a fish*** it caught, and some beautiful views.

**Note this is not an actual picture I took, but this is exactly what it looked like floating down the sound.  Except it was covered in seals.**

***Again, this is not a picture I took, but is essentially what I saw.  Except without seeing the creepy fish stare.***

Mt. Rainier peeking around Vashon Island.

The Seattle skyline as our boat approaches in the morning.

Mt. Rainier again over the Port of Seattle.

My old commute.  New Commute.


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  1. i dig your new commute. i wish i could boat most places!


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