Weekend of Rain

Oh, how I love the rain.  Growing up in the Northwest, the rain is an frequent enough visitor that it shapes part of who we are.  It’s not that Seattle gets a lot of rain.  It gets less on average than Boston, Miami, Memphis, and a number of other major cities.  What Seattle is tops in, however, is days of rain.  155 days of precipitation per year.  Which is to say that it rains often, but not hard.  Growing up in this type of climate, I think I seriously internalized it.  I struggled in Minnesota when it would be sunny for days upon days, sometimes stretching into weeks.  Where most people say “hasn’t the weather been great,”  I have a general unease.

This weekend was one of those lovely misty weekends where the rain is constant; it falls in gentle sheets and coats every inch of my body.  We decided to walk into town (it takes 20-30 minutes) so we threw on our raincoats, put a giant umbrella over the kids in the double stroller and headed out.  For me, this is nothing.  LS and I had spent the morning out in the rain jumping in mud puddles** (we actually did this).  For Girling, I think this is a slowly acquired taste.  Maybe like smelly cheese, or spicy food.  But with the walk, Ciderfest, and a Sunday trip to the pumpkin patch, I got a hefty dose of my favorite weather today, which really made my weekend.

**I’m so thankful that LS likes the rain.  She goes to an all-outdoor preschool, so she is certainly exposed to it a lot, but most people look at me with a little concern when it’s raining and I say “let’s go have lunch in the rain!”  LS always responds to anything in the rain with a whole-hearted yes.**

The point of this, however, is that the rain this weekend, and general lack of rain since we moved to Seattle 3 months ago made me think of something I wrote last year in Minnesota:

I was just standing outside in the rain.  Prior to today, we only had received .01 inches of rain in September.  I should just preface this by saying that I love the rain.  I feel absolute joy when it when it snows, but there is something about rain that makes me feel like everything is just right in the world.  I would attribute it to growing up in Seattle, but I don’t think that is it, I just think it’s my personality.

I am fairly accustomed to feeling a profound sense of melancholy when it rains.  That seems very cliche, but it’s something that I look for in the rain.  I don’t look for a specific feeling out of any other type of weather, but the rain brings out a sense of expectancy in me.

Today it made me think of hunting with my dad when I was in high school. Rain is not very common in September in the Eastern Cascade mountains, but it brought back this powerful memory of walking through the dripping trees with my bow, my camo hat and everything else.  The sound of the rain through the trees and the knowledge that the evergreens are only going to provide cover for a certain amount of time (about 45 minutes to an hour, after that they start dripping on you).  I can see the drops on the brim of my hat collect and fall, and feel the handle of my bow start to get slippery.

When the rain is falling like that, the forest has an odd sense of calm to it, but it is noisy.  You can just feel that the animals are taking cover, but still have to remain extra-vigilant because the elk are going to make less noise when they move around, both because of the sound of raindrops and because the wet soil dampens sound and makes it so sticks and pine needles don’t break as loudly.

The other thing about being out in the rain like that is that you know that there is no escape.  Normally if you don’t want to get wet, you just tuck back into your house, but out in the woods, miles from camp, you just have to enjoy it for what it is.  Sometimes I just go and stand in the rain to get that feeling.

Okay, so I am clearly no poet, but the rain combined with Girling’s post about our trip to Buck Meadows and my general lack of blogging activity made me want to write about this.   We’re  in for a dry week, but maybe it will at least be cloudy.



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