Cedarsong Nature School – LS’ Outdoor Classroom

LS has the coolest job.  Okay, so she’s a kid and doesn’t really have a job, but if you think of school as a job, LS’ is the best.  She goes to Cedarsong Nature School, an all-outdoor preschool here on Vashon Island.

When we moved out to Vashon we knew that we wanted to get LS into a preschool.  She loved her Montessori school in Minnesota and all of her friends so much, and really wanted her to have that social time with other kids.  As we started looking for and calling preschools, however, we found that many of those that were most like her last school were full.  Girling read about Cedarsong and thought it sounded interesting so she sent them an e-mail.  They replied that they only had one spot available, just for Friday afternoons.  After visiting the school, we eagerly took the spot.

One day has turned into four days, and LS goes and plays in the forest with her friends in the rain, wind, sun, gloom, fog or snow.  The kids are amazing!  Those that have been there for more than a year know the types of trees and the names of all sorts of plants…they know which ones they can eat and which ones they cannot and are basically all little naturalists.  She loves it and I love that she is learning so much about nature and getting to spend so much time outside.

Anyway, the school was featured on a local news magazine…check it out!


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