Wonderful Weekend

Ever since we moved out to Vashon it seems like it’s been go go go.  I think we’ve gone off island, or had visitors on island every single weekend**.  Well this was the weekend for that to end!  We were determined to stick around the area and have a low-stress weekend, especially since we have activities coming up in the weekends ahead including a trip out-of-state.

**We love to get visitors, I only make the point to demonstrate our general busy-ness**

Saturday I was up early with the kids.  LS used to wake up at 6:30am sharp every day no matter what.  Since the move, she has been much more irregular and was sleeping until after 7:00am most days.  Those days, however, are over.  She has discovered that when she wakes up she no longer has to wait in her bedroom for us to come and get her.  Two Saturdays ago I was awoken by a cute little voice next to my ear: “It’s morning, Daddy!”  I looked down in a bit of shock and replied with something along the lines of “So it is.”  So now she wakes up and pads down the hall in her cute little footie-pajamas to wake us up.  She’s been up pretty reliably by 6:30am every day since.  Which is wonderful; I love mornings with LS and I think it’s a big sign of her growing independence.  Last night she told me that she wouldn’t even come and get us in the morning, that she might just stay in her room and play with her toys (she didn’t).

After Mr. B was up, we set out to figure out how to handle the day.  I had mixed up cookie dough the previous night so LS and I made cookies first thing after breakfast.**  A successful use of time, for sure.  It’s pretty clear what LS’ favorite part was:


Stephanie enjoying the fruits of our labor


**I am a self-diagnosed cookie monster.  Several years ago at a holiday party I made some kind of comment to one of the aunts about having eaten at least a dozen cookies so far that evening (we may not have even had dinner yet) and she turned to Girling and said “How can you let him DO that?” as if she was abdicating part of her wifely responsibilities.  Anyway, making 4 dozen cookies in the morning means that there is a very good chance that I will eat 4 dozen cookies that day less a couple for LS.  I was able to control myself to some extent, but I ate at least 12 cookies on both Saturday and Sunday.**


My best Pioneer Woman imitation


We then went on a walk to the local schools.  The idea was to go and play at the playground, but this was the second consecutive visit where we were distracted by something else.  First it was the rain, this week it was soccer.  LS loves to watch sports.  When she was just learning how to walk I remember going to a playground with her and her dragging me over 100 yards to where some dudes were playing basketball.  We watched 15 minutes of the game and I had to literally drag her away; she was mesmerized.  This time, the game hadn’t started when we first passed by the fields, but did shortly thereafter and we watched for at least 20 minutes, LS peppering me with a steady stream of soccer-related (and unrelated) questions.  “Why did that girl stop?  Why do we have to stay on the sidelines?  Why because if the ball comes over here the players will chase it?  Why can’t she touch the ball?  Why are they kicking it to the center?  Etc.”  I love her questions and try to answer them as best as I can.  To me, it’s like a game because what she is asking isn’t always exactly what she is trying to figure out.

So we returned home and put Mr. B down for a nap, then LS and I decided to make baby food.  This has been something I’ve been thinking about for at least a week (baby food is expensive out on the island**), and now was the time!  It turned out to be a pretty good use of time and I think LS had fun.  She hates the sound of the blender, but she got to peel carrots which I think she really enjoyed.  Then lunch, naps again, cleaning the house, playing, dinner, playing, bedtime, games.

**I was thinking about feeding Mr. B and how much of a letdown eating has to be for babies.  The first time you’re given solid food your parents are there with cameras and cheering on every bite, grunt, spit-up, vocalization, and movement.  That enthusiasm dies down very quickly, however, making eating a chore.  I was imaging if it didn’t and if every time I went to my parent’s house they were all “Way to go Z!  Awesome bite Aaron!”  I think that would make dinners a whole lot more fun.**

Sunday proceeded about the same way, just with different activities.  I like to go do things off island and to have structured activities, but every once in a while it’s just wonderful to have time with the kids where we can do whatever we want to.


LS walking Franklin



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  1. Posted by abby on October 19, 2010 at 8:01 am

    Now I must have cookies!!


  2. […] Aaron turned 32 today.  Stephanie and I spent the morning baking up some of these for him, the self-diagnosed cookie monster: […]


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