My Unhealthy Diet

I have a long history of eating poorly.  I am fortunate to have a metabolism that will generally support overeating to a certain extent, but as I get old I swear I can feel my metabolism slowing down.  When I used to track my calories in periods when I thought I wanted to try to lose weight, I would average close to 3,000 calories per day.  That seems like a lot because I think it is.  It’s not as much as a very obese person would eat, or a person who exercises a lot, but I don’t exercise.  Ever.**  And it’s not without its perils.  My father has been overweight for as long as I remember and has Type 2 diabetes, as does my grandmother.  So really I should be watching what I eat, but don’t.

**I have managed to avoid socialization on the passenger ferry for the most part.  The other day it was pouring and I was wearing flip-flops (as I always do), and decided to stand outside for the ride home.  This lady commented on my flip flops; she thought it was funny because it was so cold.  Then she asked me if I was a runner.  I deadpanned something along the lines of “No, I avoid exercise at all costs.”  She chuckled and said “Just exercise for the brain then?” and I said “No, I try to avoid that too.”  She fidgeted uncomfortably and mumbled “well, that’s an interesting way to go through life I guess…”  I have a gift for making people uncomfortable.**

As LS has grown, we’ve tried really hard to teach LS the importance of eating well.  We always give her fruits and vegetables and so forth which has generally increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables.  The problem is that I haven’t replaced the unhealthy food, merely supplemented it.  So instead of just eating an entire frozen pizza for dinner, I’ll eat an entire frozen pizza, a pile of broccoli and a half of an apple.  That’s eating healthy!  We’ve also made somewhat of an effort to cut back on processed food.  A typical dinner for me used to be a box of Pasta-Roni, or a box of rice-a-roni.  On some occasions, one box of each (seriously, I would eat like 2000 calories of processed food for dinner).  So we’ve started making pasta dishes from scratch on occasion, and I make muffins and pancakes from scratch only.

Now, this has not improved my during-work food consumption.  In Minnesota, I went out to lunch nearly every day.  This was a detriment to my health as well as my finances.  Following are my typical lunches:

1.  Foot-long veggie sub from Subway (not too bad!)

2.  Two 7-layer burritos from Taco Bell (not good – this is over 1000 calories)

3.  Personal Pizza and bread sticks from Pizza Hut at Target (not good – I think this tops 1000 calories too)

4.  A large slice of brooklyn-style pizza PLUS a giant burrito (Cheetah Pizza was a wonderful place).

I have made an effort to bring my lunch, but if I don’t have leftovers, I’m left with an old standby:  Oriental-flavored Top Ramen.**  Since I figured out how to make this at work, I have eaten it 14 of the last 15 days.  Of course, being me, I can’t just eat one packet, so I eat two.  Two packets of Ramen=760 Calories and a shocking 2400 mg of Sodium, or 133% of my recommended sodium intake.  But it doesn’t stop there!  My office stocks treats including my favorite:  Red Vines, which I snack on throughout the day.

**This is the only regular ramen brand and flavor that is vegetarian, and it was NOT available in the Twin Cities.  Supervalu essentially owns grocery distribution in the Twin Cities and they did not carry this brand of Ramen.  Whenever we were outside of the Twin Cities I would stock up.  It is pretty funny to walk into a rural grocery store and put the two cases of ramen off the shelves into a cart, then walk up to an associate and ask if they have any more in the back, but I digress.  I actually wrote a letter to Nissin Foods complaining of the lack of availability in my area.  They actually sent a letter back saying essentially “thanks for writing!  Here are coupons for 8 free packets of Top Ramen!”  I don’t think they read my letter.**

So I am not 100% sure that I am actually modeling healthy eating to LS and Mr. B, which is probably more important than what I actually give to them.  I think we do pretty well at home, but I have yet to commit to a full restructure of my health choices, but I’m at least debating it internally.


2 responses to this post.

  1. and you say you avoid working out mentally, pshaw!

    very funny (and impressive in terms of consumption, a tip of the hat to you good sir) post.


  2. Posted by Video Recipes on December 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I can’t wait to try it out.


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