LS is clever

So LS has always been somewhat verbally advanced for her age.  She uses long words correctly and I have ceased being surprised.  However, when it comes to comfort items or whenever she is feeling unsettled, she frequently will revert to baby talk.  She loves to be carried, but had gotten into a habit of walking up to us with her hands up saying “Uppy.”  I told her I would no longer pick her up when she did that, and that she had to say “Can you please pick me up?”  She responded immediately and now only ever asks “Please can you pick me up?” when she wants to be held.  Similarly, she started saying “milky” to ask for her beloved milk.  We gave it the same treatment and now receive a chorus of “Please can I have some milk?”

Tonight when getting her sippy of milk for bedtime she said “Please can I have some milk?”  After she had it in hand she said “Milky!”  Then she put this huge smile on and said “When I ask for it, I say milk, but once I already have it I say milky!”



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