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So I am a nut about weather.  I love all kinds of weather, but mostly the inclement type.  Rain, wind, heat, cold; I’ll take any of it, but nothing is more fulfilling to me than snow.  Glorious, glorious snow.

Growing up in Seattle, I didn’t see a lot of snow.  We had a couple of good storms growing up, but the snow rarely piled up very high, and very rarely lasted long.  I remember every snow storm growing up because I placed such an inordinate importance on them.  I would watch the weather and squeal anytime snow was mentioned.  As I grew older, I began to enjoy the “disaster” coverage of the snow as much as the snow itself, but started to get jaded when snow was forecast.  It seemed that the forecasters would forecast more snow than ever actually happened, and would frequently forecast snow when none would come.  Now I realize that meteorology is not an exact science, but I have since hear several forecasters say something to the effect of “the worst thing that can happen to a meteorologist is for everybody to wake up to six inches of partly cloudy!”

Nonetheless, I fled Seattle in search of snow.  I moved to Missoula, MT where somebody at the college told me “Last Christmas eve we got over 3 feet!” I lived through two far-below average snowfall winters in Missoula before moving to Minnesota, where I had one average and one above-average snowfall winter in 8 winters.  But things changed for me and my relationship with snow when I started looking at radar maps online.  Before, I would only get a passing glimpse of them on the television news, but now sites like Weather Underground had them live at my fingertips!  This was very exciting to me at first, but then I realized that I repel snow.

More often than not, when snow is forecast, I will review the radar to see when it is going to start snowing and see a donut of precipitation around my present location.  Girling loves this, I think it’s one of the main reasons she stays with me, honestly.**  Every time I show her one of the donut radar maps she laughs and laughs.

**This is hyperbole, of course, I’m sure I have many non-weather related qualities that are acceptable as well.**

So now we moved back to Seattle where the snow is rare, and again we have snow in the forecast.  Now this time, snow has actually fallen, however I was not surprised when I opened up Weather Underground and saw this:

That’s Vashon Island, right in the middle.  So the next time they forecast 6 inches of snow in Seattle and only 1 or 2 falls, at least part of the blame/credit goes to me.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Phyllis on November 22, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    That’s hilarious, but come to think of it, we’ve had a lot of good snow storms since you moved away to college and beyond. And right now, snow is still falling out here at Libby Acres….


  2. i think you need to come up with your own weather donut, hyperbole spouting super hero identity!


  3. Posted by FatMan on November 27, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I saw something the other day you would have enjoyed.

    The temperature of the air vs. the temperature of the water in Lake Calhoun was just such that a fog materialized on the breeze as it went over the lake, west to east, then disappeared once it got past the eastern shore. The fog was churning over the lake, giving the appearance of big waves.

    On the eastern shore, the effect was like huge breakers coming off the lake – except the breakers were fog, not water.


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