My Baby Book

I was thinking about baby books as Girling and I keep trying to find time to update Mr. B’s.  Because of the power outage on Vashon, we ended up spending a couple of days out at my Parents’ house, and I thought it was a good  opportunity to take a gander at my baby book.  My sister’s baby book is prominently displayed on a bookshelf in my parent’s home.  I went to find mine and it wasn’t there.

“Hey mom, where’s my baby book?”

“You know, I really don’t know!”

So as I’ve been thinking about Mr. B’s baby book, I wonder if it will end up being more sentimental to me in my old age, or to Mr. B in his.  I don’t know if it would affect what we wrote in it if we knew the answer, but I had always assumed that it was more for my sake than his, however my mom’s clear lack of sentimentality** towards my book made me reconsider.  Anyway, after over a half an hour of searching which turned up all of my mom’s grade school report cards, my dad’s yearbooks, check registers from when my parents were first married, and a story my mom wrote as a kid lamenting the modern old lady (who wear fashionable clothes, no less!), my dad ended up finding it.

**It officially scored -2.3 Sentos, the official unit of measurement for sentimentality.**

I think I looked at my baby book about 8 years ago, or so, but I thought it would be interesting especially since I have babies of my own.  Memories fail and no matter how many times my mom says “That’s just like Aaron was!” at anything Mr. B or LS does, I like to have a primary reference.  I was also curious, given Mr. B’s size, how he compared to my own chunky babyhood.

Well, the measurements recorded were sparse, but it says I was 25 pounds at Ten months…Mr. B is 27 pounds now at 9 months, so a fair bit chunkier.

Some of the more interesting observations:

“He started crawling forward at 6mo.” (Mr. B still hasn’t crawled at 9 months, and LS didn’t crawl until about 9 or 10 months.)

“Between crawling and walking he started climbing like a monkey.”

First Word: LOOK  Age: 12 Months  Said to Whom: Anyone who would look

“He loves to climb on the fireplace hearth & into Alisea’s rocking chair.  The older he gets, the more he gets into.  At 10 mo., he gets slapped  on the hand for playing with the stereo, tapes, or dishwasher.” (Emphasis added.  By far my favorite childhood revelation thus far).

And here were my important holidays and milestone birthdays as recorded in my baby book.

Second Birthday:

Dad was in Okla City going to the FAA Academy

Holidays (2nd year):

Dad was gone in Oka City for Christmas

Aaron & Alisea both had the flu on Christmas morning

Holidays (3rd year):

Lots of camping trips in the summer (emphasis added)

Dad went on strike in August.

Ahhh, those special holiday memories.

So ultimately, I think that the book is more sentimental for me** than my parents, which I should definitely keep in mind when filling out the kids’ books going forward and try to think of some of the things I wish had been in mine.  I appreciate the effort my parents put in to my baby book, all kidding aside.

**4.5 Sentos…what can I say, I’m a sap.**


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rodney Blower on November 26, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    Let it be known that Dad knew where it was, so I rate higher on the sentimental gauge. Also, I would still slapour hands if you play with the stereo, or tapes. I still can’t get you to load the dishwasher, or is the excuse that you are afraid you’ll get your hand slapped?


  2. Posted by Phyllis on November 26, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Would you believe I never thought I would forget one moment of your childhood? Or Alisea’s? But, alas, memories fade, even though I thought I would remember getting up with you in the middle of the night forever. Or your endearing insistence of feeding yourself whether you were capable or not. I do plead guilty to bursting your bubble about Santa Claus early on.


  3. I still love that they put in your baby book that they SLAPPED you! Ah, the memories . . . slapping and the holidays that weren’t.

    I’m teasing, of course. I like to poke fun. It’s one of my most obnoxious qualities; I’m aware of that.


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