Kid Stories

My brain is always moving one way or the other, which comes in handy with the kids.  Girling will frequently tell a story of us waiting at the airport when LS was little.  There was nothing to do and LS was getting bored.  I made up some kind of game with my hands that kept her entertained for 10 minutes or so, but when Girling tells the story, she’ll say (mimicking me) “I don’t need toys, I have my TWO HANDS!”  I think she makes too much of this one incident, but I’m always striving to entertain children who are under my care.

The other thing that I do is constantly make up songs.  Anything that is going on can quickly become a song in my head, frequently with a dance that accompanies it.  Most of these are harmless ditties that flit into the wind and are forgotten.  Sometimes they are harmful since they will literally RUIN one of Girling’s favorite songs because I’ll change the words and she won’t be able to hear the song any other way (Beck has a song where “Everyone’s out to get you mother effer”* was changed to “Everyone’s out to love you girlingirling” and she has not listened to the Beck song in the last 5 years).  And some of the songs become favorites.**  I made a song out of “The Three Little Kittens” that LS wants to hear over and over again, then independently came up with some kind of cheek-smooshing game with Girling when she had no idea of the context of the song.

*This is a family blog, obviously those aren’t the lyrics.*

**My latest creation I’ll call “The Digestive System,” and makes LS and Mr. B laugh and laugh.


You’ve gotta eat that food (x3)

You’ve gotta keep on eating that food.

You’ve gotta chew that food (x3)

You’ve gotta keep on chewing that food.

You’ve gotta swallow that food (x3)

You’ve gotta keep on swallowing food.

You’ve gotta digest that food (x3)

You’ve gotta keep digesting your food.

You’ve gotta poop that food (x3)

You’ve gotta keep on pooping that food.


So anyway, this is a constant stream that’s going through my head any any given point in time.  Only about 10% of the songs are ever vocalized and still one of the most common things LS says to me  is “Will you please stop singing, daddy?”  Seriously.  And my honest answer is more often than not: “I can stop singing for 5 minutes, but it will be hard.”

LS also craves stories, and my constant brain activity makes it really easy to come up with stories.  Again, some of them are duds and some become favorites.  Sometimes we will make up stories together as I try to get her to think actively instead of just listening.  She is really good at both thinking and listening, but I don’t think I’ve met a child that listens and remembers as well as LS.  If she likes one of my stories, she will ask for it again and again and if I change even one detail, she will correct me.  To her, these aren’t any different than library books (which she has been memorizing since she was two), where to me they are something entirely different.

The problem arises in that my memory is really bad.  I am good at memorizing some things, (I know a ton of birthdays for example, like everybody in my family and many of my old friends who I never talk to anymore) but terrible at remembering others.  And given the hit or miss nature of my songs and stories, they are all pretty forgettable to me.  But not to LS! (Or to Girling for that matter).  Unfortunately, there is little I can do about that, except perhaps to try to write them down.  So in that spirit, I have drafted one of LS’ favorite stories Where’s W? I hope to post it sometime soon.  The story arose from Stephanie playing with those little foam letters in the bathtub.  She asked for the story pretty much every day for about a year.  Anyway, I have a forum for jotting this stuff down now, so expect to see it every once in a while.


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