Stephanie and the Dump

I treasure any time I get to spend with the kids.  I especially treasure the alone time that I get with each of them.  With Brendan, that’s been a lot of late night feedings and putting him to sleep.  This is incredibly valuable time to me.  In Minnesota there were a lot of things that Stephanie and I did together that were just us.  We’d go to the Farmer’s Market by our house every Sunday morning in the summer and buy mini-donuts, for example.  Finding time for such things on Vashon has been more of a challenge.  When I’m home in the evenings and on the weekends, I really want to spend time with the whole family (or just the kids so Erin can have some time to relax).  Ever so slowly we have been building a repertoire of special alone activities.  Which brings us to the dump.


The transfer station is just down the road from us and it is free to bring recycling there (while curb-side pick up costs extra).  Our driveway is so long that I have to put the recycling in the car to get it to the street anyway, so it is a short drive to take it all the way to the dump to do the recycling.  The first time I went, Stephanie asked to go.  “Sure!” I said, not sure why she wanted to go.

Now every time I go, she wants to come and help.  She sorts the recyclables with me, helps put them in the appropriate container, all the while with a smile on her face.  Today she said she wanted to buy something with her money, so we went to the store afterwards and she bought her first two eggs of silly putty.

I’m not sure if going to the dump will really become a treasured memory, but I’ll take whatever I can get…there’s only so long when one can expect a daughter to want to go to the dump with her dad.


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