New Sport…No Injuries!

So I was invited by a friend on the island to play disc golf this last weekend.  While technically not my first time playing disc golf, my ability to complete the round without hurting myself I think was worthy of attention given my sordid injury history.

I first heard of disc golf when I was in about 6th grade.  I don’t exactly remember the source of the information, only that my most trouble-making friend and I took the information and decided to make up our own rules.  We circumvented the neighborhood at night using cars, mailboxes, etc. as our targets.  It was fun because we got to hit things with Frisbees, but we didn’t really get the concept.  I am not sure why we played exclusively at night, as we ended up spending a significant amount of time searching for our Frisbees, even using glow-in-the-dark to try and make it easier.  It was a very short-lived fad for us, and I didn’t hear anything about disc golf until I was an adult, where I played once in Minnesota.

So as we are heading out to the course, my friend says “I’m bringing a beer, do you want one?”  I am liking disc golf already!

We start out in this big open field and he suggests that I try a couple of practice drives.  I figure this is smart and he gives me a quick lesson on how it is different from regular Frisbee.  I consider myself an above average Frisbee-thrower, so I figure this will be no problem.  He winds himself up and tosses his disc about 250 feet down the field.  No sweat!  I will illustrate my first throws with the following chart:

“Looks like you’re ready!” My friend said.

“Yup!” I agreed.  I eyed my beer, but didn’t want to appear too eager.

We headed to the first tee area where we needed to hurl the disc down this hill to a tiny little basket about 300 feet away.  My friend’s disc sailed easily down the hill and across the field towards the basket.  I made it about 30 feet down the hill and 50 feet left of center.  I was off to a smashing start!

I used to be extraordinarily competitive in everything I did.  My worst moment of hyper-competitiveness involved me as a 5th grade pitcher giving up back to back doubles (or something like that) and sitting down on the pitcher’s mound literally BAWLING while the runners were progressing around the bases.  I would cry if I struck out and so forth.  I think I have mellowed out quite a bit, and generally prefer to tie in games.  I still do not like to get routed in games, but generally do a pretty good job focusing on having fun.

My next  17 drives were essentially exactly like my first, but the course had a view of the water and I got to do a great deal of walking.  Activities are essentially the only kind of exercise I am willing to do, so as an activity, I am totally sold on disc golf, beer or no beer.


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  1. Posted by FatMan on February 10, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Here’s a sport you might like, though maybe it isn’t so suited to your current environment : ski sailing. There are several people who do this on Lake Calhoun regularly – fun to watch. They can travel in all directions relative to the wind, too. I didn’t figure they’d be able to tack against the wind, but they can.

    Also: I don’t think it’s so easy to injure yourself in this sport. I mean, if you see some trouble coming, all you have to do is let go.


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